Custom Pond Digging Solutions in Santa Clara

Vander Landscape & Construction is Santa Clara’s number one excavation specialist. We are experienced in digging residential and commercial ponds in many different shapes and sizes. Installing a pond on your Santa Clara property adds beauty, value and magic to your home. Furthermore, adding a pond adds value to your home if ever you decide to sell it. There are many positive aspects to upgrading your Santa Clara home with a pond. Some of these positive aspects include:

  • Encouraging Nature In Your Very Own Backyard:
    Adding a pond to your Santa Clara property encourages birds, small animals and other local wildlife to gather in and around your property. This is a positive aspect for the environment, as it develops an ecosystem for lifeforms to thrive in.
  • Less Grass Maintenance and Pesticides Used:
    Installing a pond in your Santa Clara backyard has two benefits for your lawn. Firstly, it encourages water retention and moisture in the soil, which means less watering you lawn which results in less water being wasted. Secondly, there will simply be less grass to maintain since much of it will be excavated. This means fewer pesticides and herbicides in the air and on your lawn.
  • Your Own Private Backyard Oasis:
    In Buddhist traditions, water symbolizes clarity and peace of mind. Having access to a natural body of water in the comfort of your own home will do wonders for your state of mind. It will add a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere to your backyard that you can easily escape to at any time of day. Simple activities such as reading a book or enjoying a backyard barbecue will be elevated due to the gorgeous view of your very own pond and the natural beauty it exudes.

Digging Holes and Building Relationships That Last

With so many years in the excavation business, we have been fortunate to form lasting relationships with many of our Santa Clara clients. We believe that we owe this to the principles of honesty, determination and craftsmanship that we channel for every project we take on. We use honesty in the communication practices that we employ with our customers. Our pricing and work is always made transparent so our clients feel confident that they can trust and depend on us every step of the way. Determination is key when coming up with unique solutions to satisfy the expectations, desires and budgets of all of our customers. Craftsmanship is imperative when creating a finished product that lasts. We use creative techniques and high-quality materials to ensure your excavation site lasts for years and years to come. This level of craftsmanship can only be achieved with a qualified professional such as Vander Landscape & Construction.

To find out more about the services we offer, and to discuss your residential pond digging project with one of our team members, call or stop by our Santa Clara office today. We are eager to answer all of your questions and get you on the road to planning your pond excavation project!