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Decorative Concrete

The transformation of plain concrete into decorative concrete is truly remarkable. This can be obtained by using several materials and methods to achieve brilliant results. The choice is ultimately yours. With a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, it has never been easier to convert your faded concrete flooring into something that will stand out.

Vander Landscape & Construction combines the beauty of traditional masonry with the affordability and strength of concrete. We use advanced techniques and products to give your flooring or patio a well-deserved facelift.  

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Concrete Coatings for Durable Floors

The advantages of coating your concrete floors will not only enhance the appearance but will also add durability and years of straightforward maintenance. Decorative concrete coatings provide an ideal way to make flooring functional for your daily operations. With added resistance to spills, you can be sure to make your everyday tasks much easier to manipulate.

Traditional Decorative Concrete Methods

Polished Concrete

Our customers appreciate polished concrete because it is more cost-effective than using wood or tile materials. By using concrete to finish flooring, the results are undeniably aesthetically appealing. Typically used for commercial settings, even homeowners are beginning to see the appeal of bright and shiny concrete due to its many benefits.

Stamped Concrete

Commonly used for patios, walkways, and pool decks, stamped concrete is a revolutionary method that will give the appearance of stone or brick without the price attached to using authentic materials. Stamped concrete creates patterns and textures that add depth and an excellent feel to any outdoor space: it is sure to add elegance and style to your property.

Consistent Results by Our Professional Concrete Company

When you choose us, you are hiring a company that strives for perfection. We are proud to be one of the most reputable concrete companies in our area due to the work ethic and consistent results we provide to our customers. 

We are happy to help you transform your property by implementing the most modern and trendy concrete techniques. 

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