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Garden Excavation

Create the Garden of Your Dreams with the Help of Vander Landscape & Construction

Have you ever wished to have a beautiful, long-lasting and luscious garden that is the envy of your neighborhood? Have you ever wondered how some homeowners have achieved their gardens? If you answered yes to the above questions, you would benefit from consulting our team specialists at Vander Landscape & Construction about your garden. We specialize in garden excavation and landscaping. We are a group of knowledgable, friendly and experienced professionals with a passion for creating beautiful gardens for our clients. Not only do we strive to bring beauty and enjoyment to the gardens of our clients, but we also seek to add value to our clients’ homes by installing a well thought out, functional garden. The following article will outline a few ways that we do this:

In-Depth Soil Analysis

There is more to the process of installing a garden than simply digging random holes and filling them with dirt and plants. A beautiful garden that yields long-lasting results requires good soil. When our specialists inspect the soil at your home, we look for two things. First, we check for the fertility of the soil, and how many minerals are currently present in it. Secondly, we check for drainage. If needed, we can engineer multi levels of soil to facilitate proper drainage and nutrient density. Our team of specialists are skilled at digging out large portions of soil as well as digging trenches and demolishing concrete and stone.

Expert Tools for an Expert Job

At Vander Landscape & Construction, we only use the highest quality, industry standard tools and machinery to get your garden excavation project done. Our team of professionals are trained, licensed and insured so that you do not have to worry about safety. We always strictly adhere to building laws and bylaws to ensure that you are covered every step of the way. We never cut corners because we believe that attention to detail, and thorough investigation yields excellent results time and time again.

Personalized, Professional Service

We always tailor our work to suit our clients’ needs regardless of their expectation or budget. We are eager to think creatively to come up with solutions to get this done every time. At Vander Landscape & Construction, we believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and that is why we are always willing to go the extra mile to find unique solutions for our clients. We believe that our workmanship and dedication to consistent quality is what has earned us the positive reputation that we strive to uphold to this day, along with our uncompromising commitment to honesty and communication. Friendly, efficient and hardworking are just a few ways that our clients like to describe us.

To find out more about the services that we offer, and to find out which one is right for you, call our office today!