Expert Landscaping Design in Santa Clara

Adding a garden to your Santa Clara home is a great investment. Not only will it beautify your property, but it will increase its value too. Investing in a professional landscaping excavation service will be greatly beneficial to the overall quality, structure and longevity of your Santa Clara home garden project. Only a professional can accurately determine the kind of garden that would suit the layout, soil properties and environmental aspects of your Santa Clara home. Vander Landscape & Construction specializes in excavation and landscaping gardens of all sizes and shapes in Santa Clara and the surrounding area. We are skilled at the safe removal, demolition, digging and design of all your Santa Clara garden needs.

Benefits of Garden Excavation:

  • Increase your property value.
  • Trees and shrubs can help block the wind in the winter.
  • Improve the environment and your health.
  • Erosion control.
  • Improve your access on steep terrain.

Vander Landscape & Construction, Your One-Stop-Shop for All of Your Garden Needs

You will save money if you hire one company to do the entire garden job from start to finish, rather than hire multiple companies to do different tasks. At Vander Landscape & Construction, we have the skills and practical experience to design, engineer and execute a garden from start to finish. We are passionately invested in the gardens of our clients, and that is why we always take the time to thoroughly inspect, discuss and brainstorm different solutions to maximize the beauty, style and efficiency of your Santa Clara garden and soil system. All of our jobs begin with a thorough consultation with our clients where we discuss their expectations, preferences and budgetary restrictions for the project. Secondly, we perform a thorough inspection of your soil to determine its pre-existing condition, and to see if it is lacking in any nutrients that should be added.

Friendly, Reliable Professionals

You can rely on Vander Landscape & Construction to get the job done right the first time. If your garden requires touch-ups or maintenance, we will be there to ensure its lasting beauty. Our friendly team members will be happy to answer all of your questions every step of the way so that you walk away from the process more knowledgeable. We believe in sharing our knowledge with our Santa Clara clients so that they feel confident every step of the way.

Let Vander Landscape & Construction aid you in designing and implementing the garden of your dreams. Our goal is to create functional, long-lasting and sustainable gardens for our clients that increase the value and enjoyment of their homes. We always go the extra step to satisfy the unique demands of our clients, and are constantly learning new ways to do so. We always strive to exceed your expectations, and we welcome your questions or concerns so that we can learn how to serve you better. Call us today and take one step closer to achieving your very own beautiful Santa Clara garden!