Professional and Stylish Garden Excavation Services in Gilroy

If you live in Gilroy, you've probably wondered how some local homeowners achieve such a beautiful, lush and unique garden landscape. Not many people realize that oftentimes, it takes some excavation to achieve the ideal landscape garden. Vander Landscape & Construction, is Gilroy’s number one trusted garden excavation services company. We specialize in hauling and excavating soil, concrete, stone and other materials in Gilroy and the surrounding area. We have many years of experience working with local homeowners and businesses in Gilroy, creating beautiful garden designs that are built to last and develop over time.

The Vander Landscape & Construction Standard of Quality

At Vander Landscape & Construction, we do more than simply dig holes in the ground. We always begin with a personal consultation with you, either on the telephone or in person. At this time, we will determine your needs, expectations and budget, which will help us create a quote for you. Upon visiting your property, our excavation specialists will thoroughly inspect the quality of your soil. This will help us determine a few things to aid us in ensuring the optimal growth and development of your garden.

Firstly, it will help us determine the ideal location for excavation. Not all areas on your Gilroy property have the same soil quality and density. Exploring the different sections of your property will help us assess the differences in these areas to make the best decision possible when choosing a site to excavate for your garden. Secondly, it will aid us in figuring out the best multi-layered soil ratio that will help yield optimal results for your Gilroy garden. These are just two ways in which we take the extra steps to make sure that your Gilroy garden excavation gives you the best results possible.

When is Garden Excavation and Clearing Necessary?

  • Planting Trees and Some Shrubbery: Some trees and shrubbery require deep rooting in soil, which requires excavation. Conversely, if you are getting rid of trees to make room for your landscape, or simple to clear space on your property, you will require the services of an excavation specialist to ensure the safe and effective removal of the tree.
  • Concrete Demolition: Demolishing heavy materials such as concrete requires state-of-the-art, modern machinery to break down, remove and dispose of it. At Vander Landscape & Construction, we use modern, industry standard equipment on all of our jobs. These include backhoes, excavators, forklifts and more.
  • Hauling: If you have a large scale garden project with lots of excess soil, it is extremely helpful to solicit the services of an expert excavation specialist to haul and remove the soil from your property safely and efficiently.
  • Landscape Design: If you have a multi-layered and level surface, it is important to create an ideal planting ground for your garden. This process involves the excavation of deeper, denser and rock filled surfaces to match it with other more ideal surfaces. This will cause the garden to grow uniformly and evenly over time, resulting in a beautiful backyard oasis that lasts.